If you wish to buy biochar to offset your carbon footprint, we can donate your biochar to a school garden, community garden, landcare project, biochar research or other worthwhile project. We will let you know where your biochar has been used. Every litre of biochar you buy will offset nearly 3L of carbon dioxide.  20L of biochar will offset up to 500km car travel. Buy a litre with your standard order or buy as many as you like - together we can make a real difference beyond our backyard!


When people use biochar it not only benefits plants (helps create healthier soil)  but it is a recognised way of drawing down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Biochar locks up plant carbon in the soil and is there as stable carbon for hundreds if not thousands of years; a really effective way to naturally address climate change.


So when you buy biochar, you are doing an amazing thing for all of us. You can see when you add carbon to soil, you are making a contribution to looking after our planet, as well as your garden plants and if you cannot do that yourself, we will make sure someone does! Buy some today to help restore the carbon balance!


For only $7/L, as we make sure we get that biochar to a great cause and play a part too!



Storing Carbon for You 1 Litre at a time - Biochar for Community Benefit