Premium BioChar is sold online in a range of sizes from  1 Litre to 20Litres. The 2 Litres and 5 Litres are sold in buckets. The 1L, 1.5L and 20L are sold in bags. A 1.5Litre Bag of Biochar is suitable to blend with up to 15 Litres of potting mix, soil or compost. 

If you need bulk quantities of Biochar please contact us  with details of your requirements - we may offer discount pricing for larger consignments.

Please contact us for a great discount when you can pick up product and often we can deliver Biochar to our local area. We can provide you with a Discount Coupon code to use in the shopping cart.


We also sell quality charcoal drawing sticks at our Product Store. Charcoal sticks are sold in packs of 3 or in boxes of 15 charcoal sticks. Wholesale price on request for lots of 5 or more. For a quote on a small or bulk amount please contact us and/or see our Shop.

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How to Use Premium BioChar


Our company is committed to making consistent premium high carbon product you can rely upon by using quality feedstock in a temperature controlled modern process.


Biochar can be sprinkled over soil and then dug in or left to infiltrate soil naturally. Typically 2 litres of Biochar covers a square metre of soil. It can also be blended with potting mix at approximately 10%. Care should be taken with acid loving plants as Biochar is alkaline (like lime), compost first. Biochar clings to nutrients in soil for plants to readily access. To give this process a head start it is best to mix Biochar with a biologically active nutrient rich material such as compost, compost teas, aged manure or liquid sea weed before application to soil.


Our chunk raw charcoal can be used in the bottom of pots. It helps retain moisture and assists with root development of plants. Raw Chunk can also be used in BBQs. At the moment we sell this on request.

Safety precautions are the same needed when handling potting mix. When applying please use gloves to prevent soiling of hands and to protect your skin from possible irritation. While the product tends to be damp and unlikely to be dusty, we still highly recommend you use a mask and to always use in a well ventilated environments(like any dusty material it may cause irritation to sensitive individuals). Apply close to ground/pot to prevent making any dust & water can be added to suppress any dust. Please do not eat Biochar and wash your hands after use.


What is Biochar? How to Use Biochar?
Charcoal Drawing Sticks


Our charcoal drawing sticks make beautiful pictures that can be enjoyed for generations to come. The impression they leave is lasting as they make durable crisp dark lines, blend smoothly and add all the shading effects you desire. The sticks retain their natural form adding a unique texture and feel to your drawing experience. Some sticks retain bark and can be broken to enable a smoother  or sharper edge.


The Eco-Eucalypt range is made from a sustainable source. Not all charcoal is made from sustainable sources and not always made by modern processes that limit emissions and care for the enviroment. By buying our range of sticks you can be assured you are buying a product that has been sourced and made with care and respect for our environment. No natural areas or native forests are used in our process; leaving our natural enviroment well alone.


Sold in packs of 3 for $3.50 plus postage or packs of 15 for $18 plus postage.



Charcoal with high fixed carbon
 Premium Biochar

Securely packaged in a 2 Litre bucket with a safety seal or for larger applications  5 Litre buckets with a safety seal are also available.


Ready to use this material has been carefully ground to a flowing material easy to apply to your soil.


The product enhances plant growth by helping to retain moisture and nutrients. It also adds structure to soil and tends to assist with breaking up heavy clay soils and building up sandy soils lacking in carbon matter.


You can purchase from our Shop or click Buy Now below to purchase by PayPal, includes postage  Australia wide.









(Australia only). POA for bulk amounts. Contact us for a quote or other payment options.



4L for $37.10



                                     5L for $42.10

Charcoal Sticks - Pack of 15
Charcoal Sticks - Pack of 15

Eco-Eucalypt Charcoal Sticks

Charcoal Sticks - Pack of 15
Charcoal Sticks - Pack of 15

Eco-Eucalypt Charcoal Sticks

Charcoal Sticks- pack of 3
Charcoal Sticks- pack of 3

Eco-Eucalypt Charcoal Sticks

Charcoal Sticks - Pack of 15
Charcoal Sticks - Pack of 15

Eco-Eucalypt Charcoal Sticks