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So what is this Biochar all about ?

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Biochar is a porous charcoal that has multiple benefits.


It is well recognised for being able to hold water so this means that plants have water available to them longer. This often means less watering is needed and plants have more resilience during drought conditions.  Biochar has a porous structure which is really handy for holding onto nutrients. This often means less fertiliser is needed as it prevents nutrients being leached away by rain. It also adds structure to soil that supports microbial life and plant root development. The video below demonstrates the ability of Biochar to soak up water in contrast to how quickly it can drain through regular potting mix.

Biochar is a store of plant carbon that largely would breakdown over time, making it a long-term store of carbon. This also means you often only need to apply it once to your soil - incredible value - continually supporting soil health. This means that it locks up carbon that was destined to be atmospheric carbon dioxide. Therefore this is helping to restore the carbon balance.


Not all Biochar is made with the environment in mind. Unfortunately some is made from trees that are valuable habitat and food sources for native animals, as well as for honey bees. Our biochar is made from wood destined to be burnt or to rot away. Additionally the method of making Biochar varies. Our process is fully contained and temperature controlled throughout the process making sure a consistent high quality product is achieved.“Production techniques influence biochar’s physical, chemical, and biological properties, which in turn affect how it works in the soil….The highest quality biochars are cooked for several hours at temperatures from 350°C to 700°C ….Do not be tempted by the numerous websites that offer “home recipes” for making biochar from yard waste. Proper pyrolysis is impossible to achieve at home since oxygen is present and temperatures are too low. Improper cooking also generates carbon dioxide and other pollutants” ( Author: Linda Chalker-Scott, Biochar: A Home Gardner’s Primer,Washington State University 2014, pages 1-2). Be assured every batch of Triple R Biochar is temperature controlled to be sure you a purchasing a premium biochar that has a high carbon content.



By purchasing Triple R Biochar you can be sure you are caring for the environment and your garden simultaneously.


More information about Biochar can be found at the International Biochar Initiative website and The Climate Institute has a video on their website that includes Biochar and the role it can play in balancing the carbon cycle. This link has hints for the home gardener on application and explains the benefits of purchasing quality biochar from a controlled process like ours

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