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Potting up? Need Drainage?

Roots love Biochar pieces.

It holds moisture while not letting your plant roots sit in water

Perfect Garden Gift

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Triple R BioChar 

Natural Soil Improver 

We sell Biochar that has been made from high grade plant materials and then carefully ground for easy spreading and use.
Biochar for Sale,RRR Biochar,Triple R Biochar, Australian made



We make a natural soil improver called Biochar which is a specialised porous charcoal product. It has incredible properties including the ability to hold moisture and nutrients ready for plants to access. Biochar acts like a sponge making soils more drought resistant and can reduce the need for fertiliser. The high carbon product adds structure to soils and is an effective means to lock up carbon that otherwise would be released into the atmosphere. By using Biochar you are playing an active role in preventing climate change by storing carbon for the long-term. This also means you often only need to apply it once to your soil - incredible value continually supporting soil health. Just wish to store carbon? Buy biochar and we will donate that to a community project - click here now!


Triple R Biochar product is made from sustainably sourced plant material, in a carefully controlled temperature environment, modern slow pyrolysis machine, to ensure a consistent high grade carbon product.

We are an fully Australian owned and operated business.

Red Bauble



Good for the Climate


True Carbon Capture 

and Storage

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"I ordered the 5 Litre Premium Biochar and am very happy with this product, in particular the Biochar size makes mixing with soil easy - with a minimum of dust. The service, advice, postage and overall whole process was a friendly and professional experience. I will be buying this product again when next I need some more Biochar. Gavin"


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