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                    Triple R Biochar

   Premium Biochar - Direct from Manufacturer - Australian Made

Ready to use, this material has been carefully ground to a flowing material easy to apply to your soil. One litre of Biochar can be blended with 10 Litres of soil or compost (10%), for example 5 L of Biochar can be used with 50L of soil or compost.


The high carbon premium product enhances plant growth by helping to retain moisture and nutrients. It also adds structure to soil and tends to assist with breaking up heavy clay soils and building up sandy soils lacking in carbon matter. For immediate results Biochar is best mixed with a quality compost or primed with other materials that add nutrients and microbes before use, even better if left for two weeks. Biochar is not a fertiliser. Biochar is like a supermarket where plant roots access available nutrients, is also provides an easier pathway for root development, and it houses bacteria and fungi that proliferate helping build better soil to assist plant growth.


We want all our customers to be happy and welcome any feedback on our product. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee just return your product and we will refund your original purchase price. 


Contact us for a quote for larger orders (discounts may apply) or other payment options.



Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Beautiful hanging baskets of Petunias grown in quality potting soil (with Triple R Biochar & fertilisers) by Denise Clark 

Petunias grown with Triple R Biochar
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