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This 20L Biochar may be blended with 200 - 400L of soil or potting mix. Biochar is a Natural Organic Soil Improver, a specialised porous charcoal product - very high in carbon. It has incredible properties including the ability to hold moisture and nutrients ready for plants to access. Biochar acts like a sponge making soils more drought resistant, promotes soil life and often reduces the need for fertiliser.


The high carbon product adds structure to soils and is an effective means to lock up carbon that otherwise would be released into the atmosphere.By using Biochar you are playing an active role in preventing climate change by storing carbon for the long-term while growing better plants. This is authentic climate action - you can see you are making a difference - an uplifting passive positive way to make change - helping to bring the carbon cycle back into balance - as nature intended.


Biochar is often best blended with a nutrient rich material before use such as a quality compost or liquid seaweed extract to help populate the Biochar with nutrients and microflora prior addition to the soil (best left for 2 weeks prior use).


Triple R Biochar products are made from sustainably sourced plant material.We carefully process the Biochar for easy blending with compost or use in garden beds or pots.


We can still ship to other areas in Australia, please contact us if located outside states indicated. 


20 L Premium Biochar - Postage Included (Australia)

  • 20 Litres Premium Biochar - suitable to mix with up to 400 Litres of soil, potting mix or compost (best left 2 weeks). Can be used in pots, at time of planting, spread over soil, around fruit trees or under mulch. Biochar acts like a sponge making soils more drought resistent, holds nutrients, promotes soil life essential to plant health and adds structure to soil.

    Biochar acts like a sponge making soils more drought resistent and reduces the need for fertiliser. 


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