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 Biochar - Helping Gardens Stay Green through Summer


Totally Natural made from woody plants- Improves soil structure, microbial activity and nutrient holding capacity. It saves you water while giving your plants a healthy start to life. Gives you a gardening edge - Plants love it.

Ric Ressom

My tomato patch was established on new ground this growing season.

After preparing the soil by the addition of compost, dolamite, organic mushroom compost, wood ash and locally collected seaweed , I watered it in and rested the bed for two weeks. I then dug the bed over and planted out four varieties of tomatoes which had been posted on from tube stock, in late November.

 After about three weeks I was surprised and a little disappointed in the poor progress of these plants; despite being strong stemmed and sparsely leaved ( I avoid the use of additional nitrogen until fruit set.)


Around this time a friend gave me a bag of Triple R Biochar ( I had used this product the previous year with apparent good results on a variety of vegetables.)

 I made up a mixture of compost, dolamite and the Biochar ( with the emphasis on the Biochar)  with which I top-dressed the tomatoes with a layer of the mixture approximately 10cm in depth, over this I placed a heavier layer of seaweed.

 The response of the tomatoes over the following month was most impressive; strong vigorous plants with abundant flowers and subsequent fruit set.

 Once fruit are established, I apply a dilute mixture of organic fish emulsion and magnesium sulphate about once a fortnight.

I am pleased to report that these plants are now producing one of the best tomato crops I have grown in the past forty years.

 Being a strong advocate for the vital role that the micro biome plays in the health and growth of plants and animals, I feel that the claimed benefits of Triple R Biochar in this regard is apparently justified in my experience.

Denise Clark

Beautiful hanging baskets of Petunias grown in quality potting soil (with Triple R Biochar & fertilisers)

Petunias grown with Triple R Biochar

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 A Natural Soil Improver - Growing Your Garden Better 

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