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Avocado Trees thriving in Biochar

The application of Biochar in Western Australia - Avocado Trees

"Manjimup Middlesex cattle producer and avocado grower Doug Pow is...... focused on the application of biochar for his crops.

......Mr Pow planted new avocado trees into soil mixed with Jarrah charcoal (Biochar) impressed with the results.

"Avocado tree's growing in the charcoal-amended soil would be about 30 per cent bigger, the leaves are about thirty per cent greener, and the stems are about thirty per cent thicker."

Following a leaf analyst Mr Pow also found that non-charcoal amended avocado trees had 23 per cent more salt or chlorine in the leaf tissue than the charcoal-amended avocado trees.

Mr Pow believes that the charcoal is absorbing the chlorine which is present in the irrigation water ...".

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